BabyBuzz – Tips and online chat for the parents of infants, toddlers and first graders

“Baby buzz” contains tips for parents to children ages 0-8 years that change weekly.

BabyBuzz on iOS (free download)

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“Baby buzz” will advise you, provide you with insight to your child’s psyche, and give you the knowledge and confidence to act in your child’s best interest.
For that very reason the “Baby buzz” app has a chat that allows you to chat and discuss experiences with other parents to children at a similar age to your own.
Baby buzz” is the perfect tips app.


The app was written by experts from the medical and psychological fields and is adjusted for the age of your child.
Notice: Every child is unique, and the contents contained in the project are purely educational, and not meant to substitute professional medical advice when specific issues arise.
“Baby buzz” chat – now you have someone to consult with!


Every child experiences different things, and so we find ourselves consulting other parents frequently, and are comforted when they can sympathize.
You can start with a group chat and also continue in private conversations.
The “Baby buzz” app comes with a monthly upgrade option.
* Add up to 3 children/ infants
* Receive all the monthly tips instantly
* Save tips for future viewing (in the basic version tips change weekly and are not saved for future reference).
* Save favorite tips
* Remove ads from app
Whether you are new parents, or you already have children, “Baby buzz” can help you!

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BabyBuzz on iOS (free download)

BabyBuzz on Android (free download)


Been There for Parents – The iOS app for parents

Being a parent isn’t always easy and fun.

Been There for Parents is an iOS app that will enable you, the parents, feel you’re not alone.

We all want to know that all parents go through the same things, the all parents have “Been There”!

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Using the app you can browse through photos of moments that parents decided to share.

If you like a photo or just want to support the parent, you can click the been there button in the middle of the lower menu!

After Clicking the “Been There” button, it will become red and then you’ll know you gave a “Been There” point to that photo.

photo 1 photo 2

You can also comment on a photo using the bubble button,

or share using the arrow button..

If you have your own photo to upload, you can use the plus button on the top menu.

From the main menu on the top-left you can reach your notifications and photos.

photo 2

To start sharing and browsing…

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If you like to become a fan

Join the Been There Facebook Page where you can see lots of photos and content for parents.

We would love to hear your feedback regarding the app.

You can contact us from the app itself (under Contact Us) or using the Facebook page.

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We’re here for you! 🙂