iLove Baby Photos – from app to website

 iLove Baby Photos is one of our popular apps for parents.

Lots of parents commented that they will like to use it but don’t have an iPhone.

For those of you who don’t or those who prefer using the pc, we’re presenting a new website similar to the app:

Create beautiful customised photo cards with your baby photo in a minute time and save it to your computer for sharing.

This is a personal favourite of mine, and it only took a minute!

Try it yourselves now:

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My Xmas Cards

My Xmas Cards

Have you ordered your holiday cards yet?

Easily create and print personalized Christmas cards from your iphone!

In a few simple steps you can order your Xmas cards and get them by mail.

Don’t wait ’till it’s too late!

Free Download!

For more details see “My Xmas Cards” WordPress site.