Find the tractor (and other vehicles)

It’s as simple as that – kids just love cars, tractors and other transportation vehicles.

Simulator Screen Shot 30 Mar 2017, 7.32.17.png
In this game they can find 50 different vehicles,
just by wiping the sand of the screen with their finger.
What’s hiding behind the sand? Let’s find out!

Simulator Screen Shot 30 Mar 2017, 7.32.22.png
We have – tractors, filled with sand, stones, flat tires, police cars, monster trucks, fire engines, toy trucks, tractors in the field and on the sea, in the snow and even tow trucks!

Simulator Screen Shot 30 Mar 2017, 7.32.32.png

Hope you enjoy this game!

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Baby Cars – Play & Learn

Children love cars and the sounds they make.

In “Baby Cars – Play & Learn” the toddlers will enjoy a stimulating game with two stages:
First stage is the learning stage – the baby can observe and listen to the sounds of the vehicles.
Each vehicle will stop in the centre of the screen and one the child’s touch, it will change to the next.

Second stage is the transportation game – targeting older children or toddlers who already learned the vehicles names.
On this game there are three vehicles in the screen and the child needs to click the correct one.
This app can be entertaining for both very young babies and toddlers and also for older children.
Observe, interact, play and learn!

The app is safe for kids, all external links are protected in parents locks.

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Enjoy the ride!