iLove Baby Photos – from app to website

 iLove Baby Photos is one of our popular apps for parents.

Lots of parents commented that they will like to use it but don’t have an iPhone.

For those of you who don’t or those who prefer using the pc, we’re presenting a new website similar to the app:

Create beautiful customised photo cards with your baby photo in a minute time and save it to your computer for sharing.

This is a personal favourite of mine, and it only took a minute!

Try it yourselves now:

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iPhone/iPad fun, educational, *FREE* apps for parents and kids

App name: iPlay Piano!


Free download

Recommended age: 2-5

Short description: Easily learn how to play the piano!

App description:

iPlay Piano! is an iPad/iPhone includes 12 loved children songs with easy to follow notes.

The notes are clickable so even the small children can tap them and play.

Older kids can click the piano keyboard according to the notes.

Songs that are included in the app:
I’m A Little Teapot – Free
The Wheels On The Bus – Free
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Old MacDonald Had A Farm
Row, Row, Row Your Boat
Itsy Bitsy Spider
Brahm’s Lullaby
London Bridge is Falling Down
Hickory Dickory Dock
Baa, Baa Black Sheep
Mary Had A Little Lamb
Oh, Susanna

Educational benefits: Develop musical education, learn the piano keyboard and notes, build a sense of rhythm.

Price: Free download includes 2 songs and 10 more can be purchased via in-app purchase.

Safety: The app is safe for children and includes locks on all parent features.


App name: iLove Baby Photos


Free download

Recommended age: 4+

Short description: Beautify your already beautiful baby photos!

App description:

This app includes more than 60 frames and image editing functionality that will make your baby photos even more amazing and cute. Using this app you can design, share and order a printed version of your photo as one of the suggested gifts options:

* A puzzle featuring your baby photo
* Greeting card set (10 cards)
* Photo magnet set


Free download includes 6 frames, the full app can be purchased via in-app purchase.

App name: SpeakApp1


Free download

Recommended age: 2.5-6

Short description: SpeakApp 1 is one of three games in the series SpeakApp that instill syntactical skills.

App description:

SpeakApp 1 includes three games: the Matching Game, the Memory Game, and the Recording Game. Upon opening the application, you must choose the desired language. You can then play any of the three games.

SpeakApp is a series of unique language games developed by a speech therapist, who specializes in child language development.
The games in the SpeakApp series include narration and subtitles in 7 languages: English, Hebrew, French, Spanish, Swedish, Chinese, and Russian.

Educational benefits:

The games in the SpeakApp series are based on a wealth of experience in developing language-enrichment games for children. What makes these games unique is the combination of an integrative and enjoyable playing experience with tools for acquiring diverse language skills, while placing an emphasis on the connection between language and cognition.


Free download includes the matching game, the full app can be purchased via in-app purchase or through this link (full app).

For more info about the SpeakApp series click here.

App name: Zik and Ron Lite


Free download

Recommended age: 2-6

Short description: The cutest bed time story!

App description:

This is the story of a young boy named Ron and his friend Zik, which is a funny creature.
The story tells about a family’s adventures in the theme park.
The story is narrated and autoplayed, yet you as a parent, can record a new narration so that your child can hear your voice when reading the story.
Each page is animated and narrated.

Your kids will love this tiny creature!
Have fun and .. goodnight..

Price: Free, includes in app purchase.

Full paid version is also available here.


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Been There for Parents – The iOS app for parents

Being a parent isn’t always easy and fun.

Been There for Parents is an iOS app that will enable you, the parents, feel you’re not alone.

We all want to know that all parents go through the same things, the all parents have “Been There”!

Click to download Been There for free!

Using the app you can browse through photos of moments that parents decided to share.

If you like a photo or just want to support the parent, you can click the been there button in the middle of the lower menu!

After Clicking the “Been There” button, it will become red and then you’ll know you gave a “Been There” point to that photo.

photo 1 photo 2

You can also comment on a photo using the bubble button,

or share using the arrow button..

If you have your own photo to upload, you can use the plus button on the top menu.

From the main menu on the top-left you can reach your notifications and photos.

photo 2

To start sharing and browsing…

Click Here!

If you like to become a fan

Join the Been There Facebook Page where you can see lots of photos and content for parents.

We would love to hear your feedback regarding the app.

You can contact us from the app itself (under Contact Us) or using the Facebook page.

photo 1

We’re here for you! 🙂



Download now :

Ever had a funny status you just wish your friend would have posted on Facebook?
Well now you can – Fake a status!
At least, something close to faking a status.
Using Fakedbook you can choose a friends from your Facebook friends, and then create the status you wish he’d post.
You can add a location and photo to the faked status post.
Preview the post and see the result!
If you like it, you can save it, mail it or post it to Facebook.

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חג שמח – Jewish holidays iPhone app

Finally! a Jewish holidays themed iPhone app.

The application can be downloaded for free (click here) and is quite intuitive and easy to operate

Like most image editing applications, it allows to perform basic tasks:

* Take a picture or select a picture from
* Zoom in, zoom out, rotate the photo and add various effects (effects menu is opened by pressing the button with the orange arrow
* Add a festive Jewish holiday frame (first button on the left)
* Save the final image (blue arrow), send via email or upload to Facebook (heart button)
The uniqueness of the application is the ability to order personalized printed photo gifts using the photo you created.
When you have finished editing the picture, you can click on the top right button button says: מוכן להדפסה


By clicking this button you will get a screen where you can choose what you want to print:
The options are:
Amazing greeting cards – set of 10 (first option)
Huge high quality magnets – set of 4 (second option)
Or a puzzle (third option)
Choose by clicking on the gift you would like and wait until your picture uploads.
Then you will have to fill out shipping information and payment information (via PayPal)

If the number of frames offered is not enough, you can upgrade the application for a 0.99$ and get 40 extra festive frames

We’re here for your feedbacks and questions:

Have a great holiday!

Jewish holidays themed photos – חג שמח

The holidays are here again? Having trouble finding a gift for the family that has is all?

Looking for a simple and quick solution?

Using “חג שמח” for iPhone you can create personalized gifts easily.

Grandparents will just love a set of magnets with a picture of the newborn grandson.

Greeting cards with a family photo are always a lovely surprise!

Download “חג שמח” app for free. click here!

Go through few simple steps and design a gift.

First select the image you want to use. You can select a photo album or take a new photo.

then select a suitable frame. After selecting the frame, made the image to fit the frame. You can move, enlarge, reduce, rotate and add effects.

When you are ready to print your gift, click on the “ready to print” (marked in red in the painting).

after pressing the button you can select the gift you would like to print.

After selecting the desired gift, you will need to fill in your details and shipping information, and will present to you in the mail.

Have any questions, recommendations or comments? You are welcome to write to us at our Facebook page .

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Have a happy holiday!

iLove Photos & iLove Baby Photos update!

We have a great new update in iLove Photos & iLove Baby Photos.

Update your current version or free Download “iLove photos” iphone app / Download “iLove Baby photos” iphone app.

What’s new? 

* Share your photo with your friends using facebook or email (click the heart icon)

* You can now create 3 gifts featuring your photo of choice-

Flat Cards – Can be used as a postcard or card in an envelope
6.66″ X 5.00″ / 16.9cm X 12.7cm, 10 Copies per order,Gloss

Puzzle –
11″ X 8.26″ / 28cm X 21cm, 1 Copy per order, Gloss

Premium Magnet 4″x2.66″ – 4″ X 2.66″ / 10.2cm X 6.75cm, 4 Copies per order,Gloss

How to choose your gift? Just Click the gift icon on the top right!

You will then be able to choose your gift in this window.

Update your current version or free Download “iLove photos” iphone app / Download “iLove Baby photos” iphone app.