Verticality Game

The Verticality game was developed and programmed as a device to encourage the concept of verticality.

To download the game – Click Here

It was used in a case study conducted in The Zinman College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, Netanya, Israel.
“Balance Training Using an iPhone Application in People With Familial Dysautonomia: Three Case Reports” (

How to play?
Hold arms out stretched from shoulder joint in a parallel position to the ground.
Hold the game in 90 degrees to the ground (vertical).
Operate the game.

Try to get the strawberry into the mouth of the smiley face.
Successes will be announced by a winning sound.
Balance training may be conducted in different positions using various surfaces.

For example, one can play while standing tandem, or on one foot on a firm or soft surface as well as a combination of both : standing Tandem on a soft surface while operating the game.
When used for balance the game must be played under supervision.
The supervisor standing in arm reach from the trainee , so as to avoid falls.

To download the game – Click Here