Introducing Been There!

Words from my partner in our new app Been There!
The perfect app for parents…
Download it now for free :

Inside My Head


I’ve been really busy in the past few months, so I haven’t blogged much (or at all…).

BUT! It’s all for a good cause. My startup, Kokavo, has just released our first product in open beta.

It’s called (big surprise if you read the headline…) Been There.

Been There is an iOS app for parents. Before you become a parent, you may imagine it as a Brady Bunch type of experience, but when you actually become a parent, you realize reality is different for better and for worse. On one hand, being a parent is an amazing experience, better than you could ever imagine. Truly is. On the other hand, it’s so intense (especially the first few years), so mentally and physically exhausting, that you often struggle to keep it together. You often encounter situations that are bittersweet, or frustrating, like your kid having a rage fit in the middle…

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