Boy Or Girl – Choose a name together

Having trouble choosing a name for the new baby?
Consulted with your family and still haven’t decided?
This app will help you decide by collecting your family and friends favourite names!

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This app includes more than 2000 names of boys and girls.
In addition you can add names that are not listed.
The app will allow you to keep track of your choices and will also enable your family choose their own names.

How does it work ?
1. Choose the baby gender


2. Add yourself as a user button, a new user.

IMG_4462 IMG_4461
After adding the name, start choosing names.
* Click the names you like.

The selected names will be found on top of the list.
* You can add names not on the list by entering the name in the text box and clicking the Add button .
* Swipe a name to delete it from the list.
* To filter name and get names that start with a certain letter – click on the letter in the scrolling list.
* To search for a specific name put it in the text box and click Search.

After you finish choosing your favourite names, you can let your family and friends use the app.聽They should add themselves as new users and choose their favorite names .聽
At any stage you can return to the main menu and choose the option : Statistics,
where you will see the selected names.

To see who loved each name , click on the appropriate line and get the names of people who chose it.

Click for free download!

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